Different Ways to Remove A Tattoo

There are several reasons for wanting a tattoo removed.  Tattoos mean a lot of things. It can be a symbol of creativity, rebellion, freedom, devotion to your loved one or an association to a gang.  However, having tattoos might prevent you from getting a certain job or getting disqualified from embassy interviews or reaching your personal objectives.  These are some reasons that might push you to have your tattoos removed. If you decide on having your inks removed, then you want might want to be familiar with its various removal methods.

There are different ways to remove a tattoo and they are enumerated below:

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Commonly called as IPL, theintense pulsed light therapy technique is usually used by tattoo spas.  It is a skin enhancer that employs a high intensity light that works in the same manner as that of a laser light. The procedure involves a gel being applied on the skin.  Andthe skin being treated will be exposed to throbs of light coming from an instrument called wand.

Compared to the conventional laser therapy, the IPL is supposed to be less painful and more successful.  However, experts do not really commend the said method. In exchange for its more successful results, the price of each light pulse might drain your pocket dry.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser removal technique is perhaps the most widespread method for removing tattoos.

The technique operates by targeting the tattoo with pulses of extremely concentrated light breaking the ink into tiny bits. Laser therapy must be done in multiple treatments since a single session isn’t enough to fully remove the ink.  Be warned though that the more treatment your tattooed skin gets, the more that it can cause damage to your skin. You might end up having blisters and scabs that would mark your skin with unnecessary blemishes.

At present, tattoo specialists claim that the advancement in tattoo technology has led to none to minimal scarring.  However, you must still take great caution because the results of laser therapy may differ from one situation to another.

Getting a tattoo removed through laser is an agonizing process apart from being a money drain.  You may be required to undergo 1-10 sessions with each session costing hundreds of dollars. If you have a large tattoo that needs to be removed, be prepared to shell out thousands of dollars.

Tattoo Cream Remover

Tattoo removal creamThis method is a little bit dodgy and those who want to try these so called tattoo cream removers must consult with a lot of people regarding their effectiveness.   To be sure, you can even discuss with your personal dermatologist the safety of using such products.   Compared to laser therapy and IPL, tattoo cream removers are undeniably cheap but the results are, however, questionable. But then again, you always have the option to try any one of them as long they’re proven safe by your dermatologist.

Saline Solution Application

Due to the high cost entailed by removing a tattoo through conventional methods, people had been very innovative in discovering other ways to remove tattoos without spending a lot of money.  One of these innovations is fading a tattoo by using a saline solution.  The people who use this technique pierce the tattooed skin with the needle containing the saline solution.  The positive thing about this method is that it’s very cheap and safe.  If you don’t have money to spare for an IPL or laser surgery, you can try this for the meantime.

Covering up the Tattoo

This method would not exactly remove your tattoo. But if you have a tattoo that you don’t like, you can always opt to have it covered with another one.  A lot of tattoo artists nowadays are quite capable to accomplish the job.  Please be aware though that covering up tattoos has its own boundaries.

If you want to cover up a tattoo done in black ink with a pink one then it’s not possible since the stronger color would definitely stand out.  If you want to try this method, search for skilled cover up artists because if it’s not done properly, the resulting tattoo would be very hard—almost next to impossible—to fix.


Cryosurgery is another method to remove a tattoo. What happens during the session is that your tattoo will be frozen and burned off with liquid nitrogen.  It’s not a very common method but you can always consult your dermatologist for further advice.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are gradually applied on the tattooed skin until the skin exfoliates fading the tattoo over time.


Salabrasion is a process of tattoo removal that makes use of plain table salt, tap water and an abrasive device such as a wooden block wrapped in gauze.  The process can be done in thirty to forty minutes. You have to prepare for it since it could really be messy and for some people, gross.

What happens during the procedure is that the tattooed area will be shaved.  And then, a spoon of salt mixed with water will be applied onto it. Afterwards, the abrasive material will be rubbed against the area until the skin looks raw.

The blistered skin will then be treated with antibiotic and properly bandaged.  After three days, the procedure will be repeated.


This process is almost the same as salabrasion and the only difference is that instead of using salt to rub against the tattooed skin, a numbing solution will be applied onto the region before it’s abraded. Bleeding will also occur after the abrasion process and the person who got the treatment will feel sore for days.

Now that you’ve learned the different ways to remove a tattoo, it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each method.  If you need to, consult your dermatologist and other people who have experienced any of the procedures.  While you’re weighing the pros and cons, also take into account your budget and the history of the potential tattoo removal artist/s that you’re going to employ.