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Whether it’s because of a change of career, change of heart, change of belief, change of trend, or simply a poorly done or faded tattoo, you may need our help with tattoo removal. If you are one of those people who’ve had a change of heart about tattoos, you no longer need to burden yourself with regret. Depending on your preference, we can have it removed or covered up. Several factors such as aging and weight gain/loss can cause the skin’s texture to change, thus distorting your tattoo’s appearance. We understand that ink can be a very powerful expression of who you are, but sometimes, people simply outgrow their love for ink.

Laser-tattoo-removaLWhile tattoo can be removed, the chances of success vary depending on your skin color, the pigments used for the tattoo and the size. We use the safest laser techniques that eliminate the risk of potential complication and scarring. We work to serve communities and empower individuals to achieve their personal goals. We are confident that we can exceed your expectations when it comes to tattoo removal. We do not just claim to be experts in the field; we have performed hundreds of tattoo removal services over the years.

Our Tattoo Removal Process

Some tattoos may be removed only partially but some fade over time. We help people remove unwanted tattoos through virtually painless methods, unlike those offered in traditional tattoo removal centers. Do not fall for tattoo removal clinics that offer alternative removals like injectables, surgery and creams—these methods are often ineffective and can even be dangerous. PicoSure breaks up ink into tiny pieces, which are then naturally flushed out by the body over time.

Our laser treatments are safer. We have all the needed knowledge, equipment and expertise to give you the best quality tattoo removal service. Until recently, tattoo removal options available in the market left visible scars and were often too painful to handle. The latest laser tattoo removal methods performed by our experts will provide you with unmatched results.

Here at Blast My Ink we use the world’s best tattoo removal technique called Picosure Laser by Cynosure introduced in 2012, which fragment the tattoo ink into tiny pieces so that they become easier to remove. Before continuing with the process, we recommend speaking to a treatment expert because no tattoo removal can ever be guaranteed.

Tattoo Removal Dallas: What You Need to Know

tattoo-removal-wordsThe price is dependent upon several factors including the type and extent of tattoo, the method used and the expertise of the physician. The average number of treatments needed ranges from 6 to 12. Laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable, but the pain is usually tolerable that most patients do not need anesthesia. Typically, we recommend 6 to 8 weeks (for those with darker complexions) between tattoo removal sessions so the process will definitely take a while. We apply topic anesthesia on sensitive locations to lessen discomfort.

The amount of time it takes to be completely removed largely depends on the colors used for your tattoo. Black, blue and red inks respond better to tattoo removal than green, yellow, sky blue or teal. The tattoo removal cost depends on several factors such as the size of the tattoo, the method used, and the number of sessions it took to remove the tattoo.

Note than tattoo removal is a personal option so most healthcare insurance do not cover the process. In the past, tattoo removal involved excruciating pain, but with the new methods we use, the pain is almost always bearable. Certain colors are more effectively removed than others. A tattoo removal session will involve some pain, but with the advanced methods that we use, it will be less than you expect.

Discoloration and pigmentation could possibly happen but they will disappear within a few months. It is best to discuss with your insurance the costs and charges involved before undergoing any treatment. Before undergoing tattoo removal, we recommend that you consult a professional to evaluate your skin conditions and advise you on the best option to take.