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It no longer has to be just accepted because it can already be dealt with immediately. It is not uncommon for individuals to change their minds when it comes to their tattoos. Several factors such as aging and weight gain/loss can cause the skin’s texture to change, thus distorting your tattoo’s appearance. As much as we love tattoos, we understand that they are not for everyone and we hate to see people unhappy with poorly done or unwanted tattoos. Here at [company name], we aim to provide scar-free tattoo removal, so if this is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Laser-tattoo-removaLTattoo removal has evolved in the past years from being skin damaging to safe, sophisticated and less painful thanks to laser technology. We use the safest laser techniques that eliminate the risk of potential complication and scarring. We understand the anxiety and discomfort you may be feeling right now just thinking about the process you will have to go through, but we assure you that while our methods can cause a bit of discomfort, they are not as painful as traditional tattoo removal. If you’re one of those people who regret getting a tattoo, you may be ecstatic to explore your options with professional tattoo removal companies. We stay educated in the latest technologies so that we can better cater the needs of every individual.

Tattoo Removal Process Explained

Our methods are proven to work on all types and sizes of tattoos, as well as all colors of ink. Enlighten Laser, another method we use, is relatively more effective than all other types of laser removals because it is able to remove all types of tattoo dyes and pigments more efficiently. The method we use removes tattoos and does another thing that other methods are not able to accomplish—it successfully removes without severe scarring. Some tattoos may be removed only partially but some fade over time. Before continuing with the process, we recommend speaking to a treatment expert because no tattoo removal can ever be guaranteed. Our lasers are capable of removing even the toughest green and blue pigments.

Here at Blast My Ink, state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal are performed by licensed medical professionals because we want to ensure your safety and comfort. Picosure uses laser light that causes tattoo ink underneath the skin to destruct, which is then naturally filtered and removed by the body. The professional services delivered by our experienced experts make us the leading destination for tattoo removal in Grand Prairie. Picosure’s wavelength is only 765 nm, Alexandrite. Enlighten Laser by Cutera, on the other hand, involves two laser light wavelengths with 1064nm and 532 nm respectively.

Tattoo Removal Facts

We can never say for certain and we can only give an estimate as to the number of sessions it will take because everyone’s skin is different, but typically it takes 6 to 12 sessions depending on your skin’s ability to heal and cope with the removal process. Bigger tattoos require more pulses and are therefore more difficult to remove.

tattoo-removal-wordsTypically, we recommend 6 to 8 weeks (for those with darker complexions) between tattoo removal sessions so the process will definitely take a while. If a clinic tells you the exact number of sessions needed, they’re certainly just trying to sell you their services based on false promises. Before undergoing tattoo removal, we recommend that you consult a professional to evaluate your skin condition and advise you on the best option to take. We set clear expectations and inform patients that it takes several sessions to remove a tattoo completely.

Discoloration and pigmentation could possibly happen but they will disappear within a few months. Tattoo removal may result in hyperpigmentation where the treated skin becomes darker than the rest of the skin, or hypopigmentation, which has opposite effects (treated skin becomes paler than the rest of the skin). If you have been wanting to have your tattoo removed, consult a physician or tattoo removal expert today to find out which options you have.

The threshold of pain and discomfort is different for every individual, but most people deal with tattoo removal treatments pretty well. Even if the removal procedure was done properly it may still scar if the patient fails to follow aftercare instructions. Note than tattoo removal is a personal option so most healthcare insurance do not cover the process. Remember to take care of the treated area and avoid picking scabs to avoid scarring.


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