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If you are among those that regret having a tattoo, there’s good news for you: You can get rid of your tattoo through laser removal techniques with minimal side effects. Almost 50% of millennials have a tattoo, but many of them are not happy with the decision they made. A once stylish tattoo may now have become embarrassing and outdated. Recent advances in the tattoo technology have made it possible to address “tattoo remorse”. If you are one of those people who’ve had a change of heart about tattoos, you no longer need to burden yourself with regret.

tattoo-removal-wordsWe are a group of physicians and tattoo experts trained and experienced to put the safety of our customers first. Our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal are performed by licensed medical professionals because we want to ensure your safety and comfort. Included in our services is our quality care that you will not find elsewhere. When you consult a professional for your tattoo removal, you get the benefit of working with medically trained people who can provide you with the best results. We are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction by providing the best services.

Our Tattoo Removal Process in Grapevine

We apply specialty lasers at a variety of frequencies, which break tattoo ink molecules beneath the skin. Here at Blast My Ink, our methods will guarantee minimal side effects and scarring. Our tattoo removal methods result in lesser injuries to the skin, and effectively removes even the darkest inks that traditional tattoo removal treatments cannot.

Factors such as application method, age and color are likely to affect the number of treatments needed. Here at Blast My Ink we use the world’s best tattoo removal technique called Picosure Laser by Cynosure introduced in 2012, which fragment the tattoo ink into tiny pieces so that they become easier to remove. Laser treatment, which we use here at Blast My Ink, is safer and better than salabrasion, dermabrasion or excision, which are some of the most common conventional tattoo removal methods.

PicoSure breaks up ink into tiny pieces, which are then naturally flushed out by the body over time. Today, it has improved significantly and has become very popular. Here at Blast My Ink, we utilize laser technology to erase your ink quickly and safely. Laser technology produces the least side effects, and lowers the risk of infection and scarring.

Facts About Tattoo Removal

For most people, it takes more than a year to completely eliminate it. The tattoo removal cost depends on several factors such as the size of the tattoo, the method used, and the number of sessions it took to remove the tattoo. In any case, removing a tattoo cannot be done completely in just one session. It will require several treatments for the tattoo to become lighter and eventually removed.

Laser-tattoo-removaLFor most patients, 4 weeks is the most sufficient time to wait in between tattoo removal sessions. Most patients undergo 6 to 12 sessions depending on the colors of the tattoo, how long it has been, the amount of ink used and the size it covers. The price varies depending on these factors as well. The actual price can only be confirmed after the initial consultation. The entire process can take more than one year to complete, so it takes a lot of commitment and patience.

Certain colors are more effectively removed than others. Getting a tattoo and having it taken off can be painful and uncomfortable, and while our tattoo removal methods are virtually painless, you will still feel a bit of discomfort during the process but it is completely manageable. This means that a black tattoo on light skinned individuals, for example, is easier to remove than a green or purple tattoo on tanned skin.

Before undergoing tattoo removal, we recommend that you consult a professional to evaluate your skin conditions and advise you on the best option to take. You may experience swelling, bruising and redness after each procedure but these are all temporary and will go away after a few days. Traditional methods caused bleeding, trauma and severe scarring, but we assure you that our non-invasive techniques will leave your skin smooth and clean again.

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