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Whether it’s because of a change of career, change of heart, change of belief, change of trend, or simply a poorly done or faded tattoo, you may need our help with tattoo removal. It is not uncommon for individuals to change their minds when it comes to their tattoos. It no longer has to be just accepted because it can already be dealt with immediately. Whatever your reason for wanting to remove a tattoo, you never have to just live with it anymore. Almost 50% of millennials have a tattoo, but many of them are not happy with the decision they made.

Blast My Ink is dedicated to providing desired tattoo removal results in Longview, TX. Our customers are often surprised at our tattoo removal treatments and the quality of service we provide. Even if you only have one tattoo to remove, we’d like your experience to be remarkable enough for you to recommend us to your friends. When you consult a professional for your tattoo removal, you get the benefit of working with medically trained people who can provide you with the best results. Included in our services is our quality care that you will not find elsewhere.

Tattoo Removal Process Explained

The methods we use are proven to be effective in moving unwanted tattoo, no matter what the color or how old or big it is. Here at Blast My Ink, state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal are performed by licensed medical professionals because we want to ensure your safety and comfort. Our laser treatments are safer. Here at Blast My Ink, we utilize laser technology to erase your ink quickly and safely. The method we use removes tattoos and does another thing that other methods are not able to accomplish—it successfully removes without severe scarring.

Our lasers are capable of removing even the toughest green and blue pigments. The latest laser tattoo removal methods performed by our experts will provide you with unmatched results. Picosure uses laser light that causes tattoo ink underneath the skin to destruct, which is then naturally filtered and removed by the body. Gone are the days when people had to endure painful tattoo removal sessions just to have some of it removed. Until recently, tattoo removal options available in the market left visible scars and were often too painful to handle.

Tattoo Removal Facts

The actual price can only be confirmed after the initial consultation. The cost of having a tattoo removed is often 10 times as much as having it done. We often recommend financing since the costs can be a little too expensive for most people. In any case, removing a tattoo cannot be done completely in just one session. It will require several treatments for the tattoo to become lighter and eventually removed. The price is dependent upon several factors including the type and extent of tattoo, the method used and the expertise of the physician. The average number of treatments needed ranges from 6 to 12. If a clinic tells you the exact number of sessions needed, they’re certainly just trying to sell you their services based on false promises. Just like having a tattoo, having it removed can have the same discomfort.

Discoloration and pigmentation could possibly happen but they will disappear within a few months. Laser technology works differently depending on your skin. We want your skin to look as natural as possible even after a tattoo removal procedure. The threshold of pain and discomfort is different for every individual, but most people deal with tattoo removal treatments pretty well.

Most patients require no anesthesia, although those that have low pain tolerance are provided with topical anesthetic especially if the tattoo is placed on a sensitive area. As for scarring, our methods leave little to no trace at all. Note than tattoo removal is a personal option so most healthcare insurance do not cover the process. It is best to discuss with your insurance the costs and charges involved before undergoing any treatment.
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