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Because you are reading this right now, we assume that you are in the “regret phase”, or you simply need to have your tattoo covered up for a myriad of reasons such as employment. Here at Blast My Ink, we aim to provide scar-free tattoo removal, so if this is what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. An estimated 21 percent of Americans have tattoo on their bodies and if you ask us, that is a rather large number. It no longer has to be just accepted because it can already be dealt with immediately. Depending on your preference, we can have it removed or covered up.

We use the safest laser techniques that eliminate the risk of potential complication and scarring. Choosing a professional and reputable company for tattoo removal is always recommended if you want to avoid infection, severe scarring and burns. If you want clear, scar-free skin then Blast My Ink is the right place for tattoo removal. Blast My Ink is dedicated to providing desired tattoo removal results. We are a group of physicians and tattoo experts trained and experienced to put the safety of our customers first.

Tattoo Removal Process

Picosure works by delivering light in high peak energy pulses, which when absorbed the skin, shatters the pigment particles and breaks them into fragments that are small enough for the body to remove on its own. Laser tattoo removal through PicoSure is more effective and require fewer treatments compared to other technologies so we guarantee that you can get back to a “clear canvass” faster.

Today, it has improved significantly and has become very popular. Our tattoo removal methods result in lesser injuries to the skin, and effectively removes even the darkest inks that traditional tattoo removal treatments cannot. We have all the needed knowledge, equipment and expertise to give you the best quality tattoo removal service.

Factors such as application method, age and color are likely to affect the number of treatments needed. Our methods go above and beyond the typical tattoo removal services in Mesquite. Our methods are proven to work on all types and sizes of tattoos, as well as all colors of ink. The professional services delivered by our experienced experts make us the leading destination for tattoo removal in Mesquite. We perform a large number of procedures on a daily basis so you can be assured that we are experts in this field.

Tattoo Removal Facts

All of our professionals are not only government licensed and highly credited and certified; many of them have undergone tattoo removal themselves so they can give expert advice. We can provide the best possible outcome and quality results. We are realistic and honest when it comes to our treatment programs. Bigger tattoos require more pulses and are therefore more difficult to remove.

In any case, removing a tattoo cannot be done completely in just one session. It will require several treatments for the tattoo to become lighter and eventually removed. The tattoo removal cost depends on several factors such as the size of the tattoo, the method used, and the number of sessions it took to remove the tattoo.

We can never say for certain and we can only give an estimate as to the number of sessions it will take because everyone’s skin is different, but typically it takes 6 to 12 sessions depending on your skin’s ability to heal and cope with the removal process.

A tattoo removal session will involve some pain, but with the advanced methods that we use, it will be less than you expect. Incorrect aftercare also poses a risk for scarring. The threshold of pain and discomfort is different for every individual, but most people deal with tattoo removal treatments pretty well.

In many cases, tattoo cannot be completely removed, although they can be lightened that they become almost invisible. If you have been wanting to have your tattoo removed, consult a physician or tattoo removal expert today to find out which options you have. It is best to discuss with your insurance the costs and charges involved before undergoing any treatment. Be wary of clinics that do not have professionals who have undergone advanced medical training.

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