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If you are among those that regret having a tattoo, there’s good news for you: You can get rid of your tattoo through laser removal techniques with minimal side effects. An estimated 21 percent of Americans have tattoo on their bodies and if you ask us, that is a rather large number. If you are one of those people who’ve had a change of heart about tattoos, you no longer need to burden yourself with regret.

Whether it’s because of a change of career, change of heart, change of belief, change of trend, or simply a poorly done or faded tattoo, you may need our help with tattoo removal. While tattoos can be an artistic expression of our beliefs and personalities, our lives change over time and it is not uncommon for many people to regret getting inked.

We are a group of physicians and tattoo experts trained and experienced to put the safety of our customers first. Our customers are often surprised at our tattoo removal treatments and the quality of service we provide. Choosing a professional and reputable company for tattoo removal is always recommended if you want to avoid infection, severe scarring and burns. We use the safest laser techniques that eliminate the risk of potential complication and scarring. If you’re one of those people who regret getting a tattoo, you may be ecstatic to explore your options with professional tattoo removal companies.

Tattoo Removal Process Explained

Today, it has improved significantly and has become very popular. Our laser treatments are safer. Here at Blast My Ink in Richardson we use the world’s best tattoo removal technique called Picosure Laser by Cynosure introduced in 2012, which fragment the tattoo ink into tiny pieces so that they become easier to remove. Laser treatment, which we use here at Blast My Ink, is safer and better than salabrasion, dermabrasion or excision, which are some of the most common conventional tattoo removal methods. We help people remove unwanted tattoos through virtually painless methods, unlike those offered in traditional tattoo removal centers.

Here at Blast My Ink, we utilize laser technology to erase your ink quickly and safely. The method we use removes tattoos and does another thing that other methods are not able to accomplish—it successfully removes without severe scarring. Here at Blast My Ink, state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal are performed by licensed medical professionals because we want to ensure your safety and comfort. Factors such as application method, age and color are likely to affect the number of treatments needed. Gone are the days when people had to endure painful tattoo removal sessions just to have some of it removed.

Tattoo Removal Richardson: What You Need to Know

The actual price can only be confirmed after the initial consultation. All of our professionals are not only government licensed and highly credited and certified; many of them have undergone tattoo removal themselves so they can give expert advice. The price is dependent upon several factors including the type and extent of tattoo, the method used and the expertise of the physician. The average number of treatments needed ranges from 6 to 12.

A number of factors such as the size, color of tattoo, and how long it’s been contribute to the difficulty of removal. In any case, removing a tattoo cannot be done completely in just one session. It will require several treatments for the tattoo to become lighter and eventually removed. We can provide the best possible outcome and quality results. We are realistic and honest when it comes to our treatment programs.

A tattoo removal session will involve some pain, but with the advanced methods that we use, it will be less than you expect. It is best to discuss with your insurance the costs and charges involved before undergoing any treatment. Note than tattoo removal is a personal option so most healthcare insurance do not cover the process. The greater the contrast between your complexion and the ink used, the easier it is to remove.

If you have been wanting to have your tattoo removed, consult a physician or tattoo removal expert today to find out which options you have. Most patients require no anesthesia, although those that have low pain tolerance are provided with topical anesthetic especially if the tattoo is placed on a sensitive area. As for scarring, our methods leave little to no trace at all. Incorrect aftercare also poses a risk for scarring.

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