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Tattoos are cool especially at the beginning but let’s face it: it may already be out of style after 10 years. An estimated 21 percent of Americans have tattoo on their bodies and if you ask us, that is a rather large number. Almost 50% of millennials have a tattoo, but many of them are not happy with the decision they made. We understand that ink can be a very powerful expression of who you are, but sometimes, people simply outgrow their love for ink. While tattoos can be an artistic expression of our beliefs and personalities, our lives change over time and it is not uncommon for many people to regret getting inked.

We work to serve communities and empower individuals to achieve their personal goals. Blast My Ink is dedicated to providing desired tattoo removal results. If you’re one of those people who regret getting a tattoo, you may be ecstatic to explore your options with professional tattoo removal companies. We are a group of physicians and tattoo experts trained and experienced to put the safety of our customers first. Tattoo removal has evolved in the past years from being skin damaging to safe, sophisticated and less painful thanks to laser technology. Our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal are performed by licensed medical professionals because we want to ensure your safety and comfort.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at Blast My Ink, our methods will guarantee minimal side effects and scarring. The method we use removes tattoos and does another thing that other methods are not able to accomplish—it successfully removes without severe scarring. We perform a large number of procedures on a daily basis so you can be assured that we are experts in this field. Factors such as application method, age and color are likely to affect the number of treatments needed. Rest assured that our methods are more effective and safe than the conventional tattoo removal treatments. Picosure uses laser light that causes tattoo ink underneath the skin to destruct, which is then naturally filtered and removed by the body.

Our tattoo removal methods result in lesser injuries to the skin, and effectively removes even the darkest inks that traditional tattoo removal treatments cannot. Today, it has improved significantly and has become very popular. Laser removal was at first a very painful method when it became popular in the 1980’s. Laser treatment, which we use here at Blast My Ink, is safer and better than salabrasion, dermabrasion or excision, which are some of the most common conventional tattoo removal methods. We help people remove unwanted tattoos through virtually painless methods, unlike those offered in traditional tattoo removal centers.

Tattoo Removal Tyler: What You Need to Know

Typically, we recommend 6 to 8 weeks (for those with darker complexions) between tattoo removal sessions so the process will definitely take a while. It helps to know what to expect from tattoo removal. Before undergoing tattoo removal, we recommend that you consult a professional to evaluate your skin condition and advise you on the best option to take. We can never say for certain and we can only give an estimate as to the number of sessions it will take because everyone’s skin is different, but typically it takes 6 to 12 sessions depending on your skin’s ability to heal and cope with the removal process. The actual price can only be confirmed after the initial consultation. The amount of time it takes to be completely removed largely depends on the colors used for your tattoo. Black, blue and red inks respond better to tattoo removal than green, yellow, sky blue or teal.

At any cost, never attempt to have your tattoo removed on your own. The greater the contrast between your complexion and the ink used, the easier it is to remove. To make sure you get the proper care and treatment, find a reputable professional or clinic who can help you. The threshold of pain and discomfort is different for every individual, but most people deal with tattoo removal treatments pretty well.

Getting a tattoo and having it taken off can be painful and uncomfortable, and while our tattoo removal methods are virtually painless, you will still feel a bit of discomfort during the process but it is completely manageable. This means that a black tattoo on light skinned individuals, for example, is easier to remove than a green or purple tattoo on tanned skin. We want your skin to look as natural as possible even after a tattoo removal procedure.
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